Friday, November 30, 2007

Be Afraid, Very Very Afraid

Want some?

Battle of the Worst Dressed

Bellotti talks to the press

The Statesman Journal
figures out that the Beavers have a better Defense than UofO's Offense. Wuppdeedoo.

But they also say that Mike Riley is a better coach than Mike Bellotti. I gotta give the Statesman some credit. No, not for saying that Riley is better than Bellotti. We all know that already. The Statesman Journal doesn't list the author of the comparison, which is really smart. You don't want Colleen Bellotti after you.

A rock band was playing in Eugene a couple years ago and they penned this great song after meeting the coach's then wife....check it out....

In other news, the Portland Tribune describes how OSU players from Oregon really care about the Civil War, while players from outside the state don't really give a shit.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Civil War Week.....let the bloodletting begin

Ok, it's finally here. Civil War week!

Univ of Oregon played like little bitches against UCLA this weekend, so we should expect more of the same.

I guess Oregon's metro-sexual uniform change did little to hide the fact that the Ducks are better suited for Fashion Design rather than college football. Hmmmmm, I wonder what color combination Oregon comes up with for the Civil War game? Whatever they choose it will suck. What a bunch of pansies.

I can't wait to see our defense tee off on Oregon's offense.

The home team will not win this year's game.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bernard gets 'scoped- doubtful for Oregon game

The Beavers have been decimated by injuries this year and it looks bad for Yvenson Bernard now. He hurt his knee in the WSU game and had to get his knee scoped to clean out cartlidge that was damaged.

Sieverson and Polk will get most of the carries against the Ducks, I hope Polk gets more than Sieverson at this point. But we will see. Sieverson is productive.

Dixon is out with a torn ACL, and his Head Coach is a donkey. Oh yeah, and his ex is a psycho.

FYI- we want Oregon to beat UCLA this weekend in order to move up to a better bowl. Of course, we will need to beat Oregon too.

Here's a list of finalists for the all the post season(sort of) awards.

Here's a great video of Pete Carrol saying "f**k you" to Mike Bellotti

Who is going to keep the OSU All-America streak going?

Since 2000 Oregon State has produced at least one All-American, either first team or second team. Given the performance of OSU's defense this year, you would expect the streak to continue....or will it?

BTW- Academic All-American's don't count in my opinion. Yeah it's great, but it has little to do with football skills. At OBFB we only care about on field performances when evaluating All-American qualifications.

As I mentioned before, this may be the best defense ever fielded by the Beav's. But will it produce a USC style list of All-Americans? I doubt it.

OSU's defense is highly productive across the board, but with all the rotations it's hard for one player to rack up the stats to make the All-America squad. OSU hasn't had an All-American on defense Mitch Meeuwsenin 2004. See the list below.

2000 -
Ken Simonton - TB
DeLawrence Grant - DE
Chris Gibson - C
Richard Seigler - LB

Dennis Weathersby - CB
Mitch Meeuwsen - S

Dennis Weathersby - CB
Steven Jackson - TB

Steven Jackson - TB
Brandon Browner - CB

Mitch Meeuwsen - FS
Mike Hass - WR

Mike Hass - WR
Alexis Serna - PK
Jeremy Perry - OT

Sammie Stroughter - PR

Who will be this year's All-American's for OSU?


Sound off in the comments....

Sunday, November 18, 2007

WSU Blogger Gives OSU Love

From WSU Football Blog-

One more thing on Oregon State - they have become the model program that we should strive for. Think about it. They compete for at least a bowl bid every season now, and they threaten an upper-division finish when things go right. They play fast, hard, aggressive defense and they preach a strong running game with an outstanding offensive line that will kick your ass if you don't bring it that day. They have a beautifully renovated stadium in Corvallis, which isn't exactly Seattle if you follow my drift. They sell out their season ticket allotments, they pack the house and they make a hell of a lot of noise. They are, today, exactly where I hope our program can be, sooner rather than later. A sugar-daddy donor like Reser would sure be nice right now. Anyone know if Uncle Paul Allen has $25 million in the couch cushions to throw at the Martin Stadium remodel?? Didn't think so. They've already gone to that well, and it was dry as a bone.

Read More

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oregon St. kicks Washington St. in the Teeth

(photo source: ESPN)

OSU played an outstanding football game tonight, pummeling Washington St. 52-17.

I don't think I have ever scene the Beavers dominate a team like this since the Fiesta Bowl ass whipping against Notre Dame.

Oregon State's defense may be the best defense they have ever put on the field. And that is really scary considering that OSU's pass defense could use a lot of improvement. The front seven of Oregon State is the best in nation. Yes, best in the nation. Why? Because of their depth and constant 110% effort. Everyone makes plays on the front seven.. The DB 's could use improvement, but the rest are unreal.

7 Interceptions (ties OSU team record)
1 Fumble
2 Sacks, 5 TFL
84 rushing yards (74 in junk time)

WSU got 399 total yards mostly in junk time.

OSU's offense played really well. I don't want to discount the effort and performance on that side of the ball. Oregon State's offensive line is really impressive. They are physically dominating. The WR's played ok. Rodgers and Catchings continue to improve. They actually led the team in receiving tonight. I can't wait to watch them next year.

Moevao played a good game, but played too long. Gunderson did not get enough playtime. This game was over midway thru the 3rd quarter. It helped that OSU's defense gave the ball to the offense with a short field over and over in the first quarter. We built a 21-0 lead really fast.

Notes on the Game:

OSU's defense hit Wazzu offensive players really hard tonight.
OSU's offensive line dominated. These guys are quite a unit.

Joey LaRoque is a stud.
Derrick Doggett is a stud.
Slade Norris is a stud.
The whole offensive line for OSU are studs.
Yvenson Bernard is a stud.

Ok, there are too many studs on this year's team. I am really impressed with Mark Banker and what he has accomplished. I hope he stays with the program forever.

Yvenson Bernard is great, but he needs to stop showboating when he gets tackled and hold on to the ball. At the beginning of this game there were 2-3 plays that involved Bernard and fumbles.

Speaking of RB's, Clinton Polk is better than Sieverson, but because of his off-season academic problems it looks like he is 3rd string. I feel sorry for him. I hope the pro's take a look at him. He had 1 or 2 carries before going 60 yards for a TD. I think the last time Polk got some carries, he ran for a TD after a couple carries. He has breakaway moves and speed. Sieverson reminds me of Pat Chaffey. Pat was a productive back, but could never break one big.

Good job Mike Riley. You have put together quite a season. You had scraps to work with at the beginning. Remember this years' preseason drama?

This years team may be fielding the best defense OSU has ever had. Even with the deficiences in the secondary, OSU's defense is unreal.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Oregon Ducks Suck Against Arizona

FYI- They lost 34-24. Dixon hurt his knee, Bellotti bemoaned. I don't care. I am glad they aren't in first anymore.

There is not another Coach I dislike more than Mike Bellotti.....

Colleen Bellotti demonstrates true Oregon Duck class here

I can't wait to see OSU's defense tee-off on the Ducks this year.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Next Up... Washington St.

I hate Washington St. I don't know why, but that school irritates me. I hated their stadium when I played there back in 1991. It looked like a prison centered in the middle of odd collegiate buildings. The weather at WSU is crap 90% of the time, so imagine they have to construct heavy duty buildings and such. But it still sucks. I am glad I did not go to WSU. Drew Bledsoe liked it, but he's a tree-hugger.

Anyway, OSU is coming off one of the weirdest wins ever against UW. Riley admitted to having nightmares about Bernard's fumble and how it could have cost them the game.

WSU has a good QB in Brink, and our DB's are week. 2 won't be able to play until the 2nd half because of ejections in the UW game.

I heard Victor Butler is hurt. This is a huge loss if true. He is an animal. I am sure Slade Norris can pick up the slack, he is having a great year too.

I am not sure what the outcome of the game will be at this point. Defense and a strong running game will win you 90% of your games in college and pro ball.

The Beav's definitely have a better running game and defense compared to Wazzu.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

OSU tames UW 29-23

(photo source: ESPN)

This was one of the weirdest Beaver games I've seen in awhile.

This game will be remembered for a lot of reasons:

1)OSU has a four game win streak against UW for the first time ever

2)The Pac-10 officiating crew was probably THE WORST EVER. The Bonnell QB sneak call was the start of a pitiful night for the officials. The Bernard fumble call was so insanely stupid I yelled at the TV. They nearly cost OSU a lot of money. The personal foul and ejection calls were horrible too. Yes the Beav's did some things wrong and deserved to be penalized. But most of the calls were crap.

3)Al Afalava's hit on Jake Locker was clean and awesome. Jake needs to learn that if he wants a future at the QB position, he needs to learn to protect himself.

4)Yvenson Bernard ran for 149 yards on a completely bum shoulder. He has huge heart.

5)Moevao only turned the ball 2 times. That's a 50% improvement on his avg. He is not a Pac-10 QB. Canfield probably won't play against WSU, so expect more 100 yd passing days.

6)Victor Butler is a first round draft pick, his size and speed is insane.

7)Derrick Doggett is mid-round pick, unless he can add more weight and speed.

8)Serna had a good game with 5 field goals, and only one shanked punt.

9)OSU's special teams made some great plays all night

10)OSU is going to a bowl in 2007

Next up WAZZU, which is definitely winnable. The Oregon game is going to be a tough one.

BTW- Here is another hit on Jake Locker. This clip is from the USC game. I guess Jake is a hardhead, because if I got hit like this, I would change my attitude.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Phil's wife previews the OSU vs UW game

Here is a brief look into the game tomorrow, from Phil's wife- Dawn.

The one and only key to the game tomorrow is the Quarterback. Moevao must not crap himself like the cincy Game and we must stop Jake Locker.

Moevao - Has some ability (not really, but I need to pump him up if he is the starter). He had a nice throw at SC coming in cold that was defended perfectly at the end of the game. He needs to use his head and his legs, in that order. Last week Canfield took way too many sacks, yes. But he could have thrown picks like before. Grasshopper was starting to learn Moe needs to learn faster. The legs will give him an added facet. He can do it, but frankly I would rather have seen Gunderson.

Locker - According to a Huskie buddy he could be the best Huskie that ever played. He could be right. the only real issue I have with the comment is that he can't pass the ball for crap. The d line and the backs need to be disciplined and stay in the lanes. If the rush on the outside he'll run up the middle for 50. If you plug the middle he'll run around the end for 50. The kid is fast and tough. Putting him on his back will help but he has resolve and keeps fighting. Partly b/c he's a baller and partly b/c he's a freshman and plain knucklehead.

This is no gimmie by any means. We need to watch ourselves and play sound. This team was VERY competitive against #1 Ohio State earlier in the year.

Bernard - needs to ball
Receivers and TE's - catch and hold the ball
Line - give him time

Stay disciplined - don't lose contain.
Sack the Cracker!!!
Cause Turnovers.

We will turn the ball over and that is fine. We just need to cause more on Defense and we'll win.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

OSU vs UW preview OBFG style

OSU vs UW 2007 Lineup Card
We should win this game, but with a new QB, injuries all over the place, it will be close.

Building the Dam crunches OSU vs UW numbers so we don't have to
This information is useless yet entertaining. Jake has way too much time on his hands....

Dorian Smith Knee Sprain for Med School Students
Jake explains knee sprains and why he doesn't give a shit about Dorian Smith

Bernard is in for the UW game
Yvenson is still not 100%. I expect Polk to get a decent amount of carries. Depending on OSU's running game is a risky proposition, but considering the alternative-it's all we've got.

Canfield is out for this game
USC showed Sean that he needs to lift weights in the offseason if he wants to survive a full season in the Pac-10.

Moevao ready for first start
I feel sorry Gunderson, he deserved a shot as much Moevao.

Tough QB system?
Cliff Kirkpatrick makes excuses for kids who don't like to study their playbook. If anyone has watched an OSU game these last few years under Riley, they can see they run the same plays 80% of time, just different formations. Gimme a break.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Phil's Candid USC vs OSU Game Analysis

(photo source Mark J. Terrill)

BeaverNation don't be too disappointed with the loss. Let's face it, this is a game that we were supposed to lose. USC is a very good team, at least on Defense. There is no shame in the outcome, just disappointing because I want them to win them all.

While sitting in the stands yawning with the rest of the 30% or so of the fans that actually waited for the second half I got into a little verbal scuffle with some old crotchety SC crybaby bitch. When Canfield ran for the first down at the end of the game sliding only to get blasted I heard "That is a bullshit call". I turned and replied "you have got to be kidding me". The old wind bad then said "what was he supposed to do". "Not hit him! When the quarterback slides you can't hit him" He snorted "I know the rules" to which I answered "then why are you belly aching?" After a few minutes of sighs and harrumphs the old sack started screaming for SC to call a timeout and "We need to score again" when "Dirty Sanchez" completed a long pass with a minute or so left. I turned and said "you are pathetic, you bitch and moan all game long and now call for a meaningless touchdown at the end of the game just to rub it in." He smugly said "What are we supposed to do?" with a smile on his face. He smile was quickly gone when I said "You probably should not have shit your pants and won all of your games so you don't have to run up the score on us to make yourself feel better. You're pathetic". His wife a few moments later was apologizing for him and telling me how distraught her husband had been when they had lost. NICE FANS.

Here are the follow ups to the keys to the game:

Canfield - You did not make mistakes. I'll live with one pick. You did wait a little too long to release the ball, but normally you would have thrown an ill advised pass that would have been run back for a TD.

O-Line - 10 sacks. Some on Canfield but most are on you.

Defense - Hold your heads high. You were given a short field to work with for most of the first half and looked a bit tired by the end of the second quarter but you held on. The Second half could have been you best on the year. A missed safety was the only black mark.

The running game. Bernard warmed up as if he was the starter but saw no time. Sieverson had good runs and was not too bad. Let's face it, not too many running backs were going to get yards against that defense on Saturday.

What the hell happened to Brandon Powers? He used to have the most solid hands on the team. I saw him drop at least 3-4 balls. They all seemed to be short passes, but you need to help the QB's confidence and grip those balls.

Serna was a solid Punter. He kept it away from McKnight and had 3 inside the 20. Good Job.

We were over matched. The score looked like a blow out, but there can't be any satisfaction on their end.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Beavers get pounded by Trojans

USC beat OSU 24-3 yesterday. OSU's defense played better than last year, holding the Trojans to less yards and points. SC only had 100 yds rushing and 185 yds passing.

OSU's offense was pitiful. Not having a single playmaker step up and make something happen was painful. No Bernard, no Stroughter, equals a very average Pac-10 offense.

Canfield only threw 1 pick, but was sacked 9 times. He was 11 for 25 for 85 yds. It was obvious that the speed of USC's defense was too much for Canfield to handle. He couldn't make quick enough decisions. That coupled with WR's and TE's not getting open quick enough and we have problems Houston.

Clinton Polk looked ok(12 carries for 45 yds, 3.8 per carry, long of 17 yds), a little rusty, but I like his game when he gets his rhythm going. Sieverson(10 carries for 33 yds) is too slow for RB in the Pac-10. Still not sure why he gets any carries.

I can't wait to beat USC in LA someday.

Oh well on to the next game....

Saturday, November 03, 2007


USC is winning. OSU needs WR's desperately. Polk is productive. Canfield has only thrown 1 INT, OSU's defense is strong but playing on a short field all the time.

TE and WR must step up. OSU's defense can make more opportunities in the 2nd half.

Friday, November 02, 2007

OSU vs USC 2006 replay

This game is on Fox Sports NW tonight.......

Phil's Candid Preview of the USC game

I go into this week with curious anticipation. The land of Troy is in a state of shock. I normally have so many dinner bets on this game that I am usually preparing to gain about 10 pounds (thankfully I was on the recieving end this year). This year is much different and I am not sure that I like it. The normal "my shit doesn't stink" SC that I have come to tollerate has gone silent. Nothing but crickets. They have lost all care and desire. Last night I was out for Halloween rocking my Beaver gear like a strong fan fully prepared to recieve the normal jeers and verbal assaults that I have come to love and what did I get? No not nothing... instead it was "SC sucks" and "I hope that you crush them on Saturday". The spoiled brats that always seem to fuel my fire were whipped puppies and were almost draining to my BeaverNation strength.

Here are the keys to the game:

Canfield - He needs to play smart. Mistakes will hurt more than the potential of a big play will help. Their Defense is healthier than they have been all year and are among the best in the country.

O-line - Protection...Protection...Protection. They are going to blitz the shit out of us. Keeping Canfield on his feet will be or #1 priority. Give him time and he will make plays. Although their Defense is very good, they also are a bit lazy. They give up a bit on plays and will leave guys open if the QB has time to throw.

Defense - Blitz...Blitz...Blitz. whoever the QB is he needs to spend the game on his back. Both "in Your Booty" and Pablo Sanchez can both be rattled very easily. The O Coordinator Sarcesian (Sp?) is a total Donkey. Calling a reverse on 4th and one after the early turnover when he had the potential first nail in the Duck's coffin was lame. He tries to call the "Norm Chow" type plays and ends up looking like Puppy Chow. Total vanilla play calling.

The Running game will have to be big. This is where I get a bit nervous. an injured Bernard is better than the Cracker Sieverson in the backfield. They need to block for him and control the ball. If he can get close to 100 yards, which will be tough then we will be all over them.

Misdirection plays and play action will help alot. Thay are a fast team and pursue to a fault. we need to get them on their heals and then make plays. No drops by the reciever.

Turnovers will be the story of the game. Who ever wins the turnover battle will win the game.

My prediction: If the game is close we will win. We need to take their lame ass fan out of the game. If we can get ahead the stadium will be empty by the third quarter. They have little loyalty for a team that was supposed to win the national championship.


PS Charlie and Lillie rocking the Beaver Gear!

Beaver Nation Travel Guide for the USC Game

Saturday's game starts at 5pm, and will have live TV coverage from ESPN/ABC. The Beavers are 15 pt underdogs according to Las Vegas odds makers.

I hope a lot of Beaver Nation folks make it to the USC game this year. The team is going to need as much support as possible.

I've lived in LA before, and it's an interesting place. Here are some helpful links to place and things in LA you should check out while you are there.

Food Recommendations:

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Tourist Activity Recommendations:

A guide to LA's nightlife

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Is there a Dixon in this bar? Dixon Yurbooty?

Gotta luv the Duck's fan creativity....

Beaver fans- post your own pics of great shirts in the comments.