Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bernard gets 'scoped- doubtful for Oregon game

The Beavers have been decimated by injuries this year and it looks bad for Yvenson Bernard now. He hurt his knee in the WSU game and had to get his knee scoped to clean out cartlidge that was damaged.

Sieverson and Polk will get most of the carries against the Ducks, I hope Polk gets more than Sieverson at this point. But we will see. Sieverson is productive.

Dixon is out with a torn ACL, and his Head Coach is a donkey. Oh yeah, and his ex is a psycho.

FYI- we want Oregon to beat UCLA this weekend in order to move up to a better bowl. Of course, we will need to beat Oregon too.

Here's a list of finalists for the all the post season(sort of) awards.

Here's a great video of Pete Carrol saying "f**k you" to Mike Bellotti

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