Thursday, November 08, 2007

OSU vs UW preview OBFG style

OSU vs UW 2007 Lineup Card
We should win this game, but with a new QB, injuries all over the place, it will be close.

Building the Dam crunches OSU vs UW numbers so we don't have to
This information is useless yet entertaining. Jake has way too much time on his hands....

Dorian Smith Knee Sprain for Med School Students
Jake explains knee sprains and why he doesn't give a shit about Dorian Smith

Bernard is in for the UW game
Yvenson is still not 100%. I expect Polk to get a decent amount of carries. Depending on OSU's running game is a risky proposition, but considering the alternative-it's all we've got.

Canfield is out for this game
USC showed Sean that he needs to lift weights in the offseason if he wants to survive a full season in the Pac-10.

Moevao ready for first start
I feel sorry Gunderson, he deserved a shot as much Moevao.

Tough QB system?
Cliff Kirkpatrick makes excuses for kids who don't like to study their playbook. If anyone has watched an OSU game these last few years under Riley, they can see they run the same plays 80% of time, just different formations. Gimme a break.

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