Monday, November 05, 2007

Phil's Candid USC vs OSU Game Analysis

(photo source Mark J. Terrill)

BeaverNation don't be too disappointed with the loss. Let's face it, this is a game that we were supposed to lose. USC is a very good team, at least on Defense. There is no shame in the outcome, just disappointing because I want them to win them all.

While sitting in the stands yawning with the rest of the 30% or so of the fans that actually waited for the second half I got into a little verbal scuffle with some old crotchety SC crybaby bitch. When Canfield ran for the first down at the end of the game sliding only to get blasted I heard "That is a bullshit call". I turned and replied "you have got to be kidding me". The old wind bad then said "what was he supposed to do". "Not hit him! When the quarterback slides you can't hit him" He snorted "I know the rules" to which I answered "then why are you belly aching?" After a few minutes of sighs and harrumphs the old sack started screaming for SC to call a timeout and "We need to score again" when "Dirty Sanchez" completed a long pass with a minute or so left. I turned and said "you are pathetic, you bitch and moan all game long and now call for a meaningless touchdown at the end of the game just to rub it in." He smugly said "What are we supposed to do?" with a smile on his face. He smile was quickly gone when I said "You probably should not have shit your pants and won all of your games so you don't have to run up the score on us to make yourself feel better. You're pathetic". His wife a few moments later was apologizing for him and telling me how distraught her husband had been when they had lost. NICE FANS.

Here are the follow ups to the keys to the game:

Canfield - You did not make mistakes. I'll live with one pick. You did wait a little too long to release the ball, but normally you would have thrown an ill advised pass that would have been run back for a TD.

O-Line - 10 sacks. Some on Canfield but most are on you.

Defense - Hold your heads high. You were given a short field to work with for most of the first half and looked a bit tired by the end of the second quarter but you held on. The Second half could have been you best on the year. A missed safety was the only black mark.

The running game. Bernard warmed up as if he was the starter but saw no time. Sieverson had good runs and was not too bad. Let's face it, not too many running backs were going to get yards against that defense on Saturday.

What the hell happened to Brandon Powers? He used to have the most solid hands on the team. I saw him drop at least 3-4 balls. They all seemed to be short passes, but you need to help the QB's confidence and grip those balls.

Serna was a solid Punter. He kept it away from McKnight and had 3 inside the 20. Good Job.

We were over matched. The score looked like a blow out, but there can't be any satisfaction on their end.

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