Saturday, November 17, 2007

Oregon St. kicks Washington St. in the Teeth

(photo source: ESPN)

OSU played an outstanding football game tonight, pummeling Washington St. 52-17.

I don't think I have ever scene the Beavers dominate a team like this since the Fiesta Bowl ass whipping against Notre Dame.

Oregon State's defense may be the best defense they have ever put on the field. And that is really scary considering that OSU's pass defense could use a lot of improvement. The front seven of Oregon State is the best in nation. Yes, best in the nation. Why? Because of their depth and constant 110% effort. Everyone makes plays on the front seven.. The DB 's could use improvement, but the rest are unreal.

7 Interceptions (ties OSU team record)
1 Fumble
2 Sacks, 5 TFL
84 rushing yards (74 in junk time)

WSU got 399 total yards mostly in junk time.

OSU's offense played really well. I don't want to discount the effort and performance on that side of the ball. Oregon State's offensive line is really impressive. They are physically dominating. The WR's played ok. Rodgers and Catchings continue to improve. They actually led the team in receiving tonight. I can't wait to watch them next year.

Moevao played a good game, but played too long. Gunderson did not get enough playtime. This game was over midway thru the 3rd quarter. It helped that OSU's defense gave the ball to the offense with a short field over and over in the first quarter. We built a 21-0 lead really fast.

Notes on the Game:

OSU's defense hit Wazzu offensive players really hard tonight.
OSU's offensive line dominated. These guys are quite a unit.

Joey LaRoque is a stud.
Derrick Doggett is a stud.
Slade Norris is a stud.
The whole offensive line for OSU are studs.
Yvenson Bernard is a stud.

Ok, there are too many studs on this year's team. I am really impressed with Mark Banker and what he has accomplished. I hope he stays with the program forever.

Yvenson Bernard is great, but he needs to stop showboating when he gets tackled and hold on to the ball. At the beginning of this game there were 2-3 plays that involved Bernard and fumbles.

Speaking of RB's, Clinton Polk is better than Sieverson, but because of his off-season academic problems it looks like he is 3rd string. I feel sorry for him. I hope the pro's take a look at him. He had 1 or 2 carries before going 60 yards for a TD. I think the last time Polk got some carries, he ran for a TD after a couple carries. He has breakaway moves and speed. Sieverson reminds me of Pat Chaffey. Pat was a productive back, but could never break one big.

Good job Mike Riley. You have put together quite a season. You had scraps to work with at the beginning. Remember this years' preseason drama?

This years team may be fielding the best defense OSU has ever had. Even with the deficiences in the secondary, OSU's defense is unreal.

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