Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Next Up... Washington St.

I hate Washington St. I don't know why, but that school irritates me. I hated their stadium when I played there back in 1991. It looked like a prison centered in the middle of odd collegiate buildings. The weather at WSU is crap 90% of the time, so imagine they have to construct heavy duty buildings and such. But it still sucks. I am glad I did not go to WSU. Drew Bledsoe liked it, but he's a tree-hugger.

Anyway, OSU is coming off one of the weirdest wins ever against UW. Riley admitted to having nightmares about Bernard's fumble and how it could have cost them the game.

WSU has a good QB in Brink, and our DB's are week. 2 won't be able to play until the 2nd half because of ejections in the UW game.

I heard Victor Butler is hurt. This is a huge loss if true. He is an animal. I am sure Slade Norris can pick up the slack, he is having a great year too.

I am not sure what the outcome of the game will be at this point. Defense and a strong running game will win you 90% of your games in college and pro ball.

The Beav's definitely have a better running game and defense compared to Wazzu.

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