Friday, November 09, 2007

Phil's wife previews the OSU vs UW game

Here is a brief look into the game tomorrow, from Phil's wife- Dawn.

The one and only key to the game tomorrow is the Quarterback. Moevao must not crap himself like the cincy Game and we must stop Jake Locker.

Moevao - Has some ability (not really, but I need to pump him up if he is the starter). He had a nice throw at SC coming in cold that was defended perfectly at the end of the game. He needs to use his head and his legs, in that order. Last week Canfield took way too many sacks, yes. But he could have thrown picks like before. Grasshopper was starting to learn Moe needs to learn faster. The legs will give him an added facet. He can do it, but frankly I would rather have seen Gunderson.

Locker - According to a Huskie buddy he could be the best Huskie that ever played. He could be right. the only real issue I have with the comment is that he can't pass the ball for crap. The d line and the backs need to be disciplined and stay in the lanes. If the rush on the outside he'll run up the middle for 50. If you plug the middle he'll run around the end for 50. The kid is fast and tough. Putting him on his back will help but he has resolve and keeps fighting. Partly b/c he's a baller and partly b/c he's a freshman and plain knucklehead.

This is no gimmie by any means. We need to watch ourselves and play sound. This team was VERY competitive against #1 Ohio State earlier in the year.

Bernard - needs to ball
Receivers and TE's - catch and hold the ball
Line - give him time

Stay disciplined - don't lose contain.
Sack the Cracker!!!
Cause Turnovers.

We will turn the ball over and that is fine. We just need to cause more on Defense and we'll win.


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