Friday, November 30, 2007

Bellotti talks to the press

The Statesman Journal
figures out that the Beavers have a better Defense than UofO's Offense. Wuppdeedoo.

But they also say that Mike Riley is a better coach than Mike Bellotti. I gotta give the Statesman some credit. No, not for saying that Riley is better than Bellotti. We all know that already. The Statesman Journal doesn't list the author of the comparison, which is really smart. You don't want Colleen Bellotti after you.

A rock band was playing in Eugene a couple years ago and they penned this great song after meeting the coach's then wife....check it out....

In other news, the Portland Tribune describes how OSU players from Oregon really care about the Civil War, while players from outside the state don't really give a shit.

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