Sunday, November 18, 2007

WSU Blogger Gives OSU Love

From WSU Football Blog-

One more thing on Oregon State - they have become the model program that we should strive for. Think about it. They compete for at least a bowl bid every season now, and they threaten an upper-division finish when things go right. They play fast, hard, aggressive defense and they preach a strong running game with an outstanding offensive line that will kick your ass if you don't bring it that day. They have a beautifully renovated stadium in Corvallis, which isn't exactly Seattle if you follow my drift. They sell out their season ticket allotments, they pack the house and they make a hell of a lot of noise. They are, today, exactly where I hope our program can be, sooner rather than later. A sugar-daddy donor like Reser would sure be nice right now. Anyone know if Uncle Paul Allen has $25 million in the couch cushions to throw at the Martin Stadium remodel?? Didn't think so. They've already gone to that well, and it was dry as a bone.

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roostafish said...

Those are nice comments. If you want program envy, you could be here in the state of Oregon. In duckville, they have a bribery system to get kids to sign with them. You should see their facilities! Private, on site tutors in their athletic center for their athletes. OSU's facilities are awesome, and they've come along way, but you are right about those donors. They have Nike.