Friday, November 02, 2007

Phil's Candid Preview of the USC game

I go into this week with curious anticipation. The land of Troy is in a state of shock. I normally have so many dinner bets on this game that I am usually preparing to gain about 10 pounds (thankfully I was on the recieving end this year). This year is much different and I am not sure that I like it. The normal "my shit doesn't stink" SC that I have come to tollerate has gone silent. Nothing but crickets. They have lost all care and desire. Last night I was out for Halloween rocking my Beaver gear like a strong fan fully prepared to recieve the normal jeers and verbal assaults that I have come to love and what did I get? No not nothing... instead it was "SC sucks" and "I hope that you crush them on Saturday". The spoiled brats that always seem to fuel my fire were whipped puppies and were almost draining to my BeaverNation strength.

Here are the keys to the game:

Canfield - He needs to play smart. Mistakes will hurt more than the potential of a big play will help. Their Defense is healthier than they have been all year and are among the best in the country.

O-line - Protection...Protection...Protection. They are going to blitz the shit out of us. Keeping Canfield on his feet will be or #1 priority. Give him time and he will make plays. Although their Defense is very good, they also are a bit lazy. They give up a bit on plays and will leave guys open if the QB has time to throw.

Defense - Blitz...Blitz...Blitz. whoever the QB is he needs to spend the game on his back. Both "in Your Booty" and Pablo Sanchez can both be rattled very easily. The O Coordinator Sarcesian (Sp?) is a total Donkey. Calling a reverse on 4th and one after the early turnover when he had the potential first nail in the Duck's coffin was lame. He tries to call the "Norm Chow" type plays and ends up looking like Puppy Chow. Total vanilla play calling.

The Running game will have to be big. This is where I get a bit nervous. an injured Bernard is better than the Cracker Sieverson in the backfield. They need to block for him and control the ball. If he can get close to 100 yards, which will be tough then we will be all over them.

Misdirection plays and play action will help alot. Thay are a fast team and pursue to a fault. we need to get them on their heals and then make plays. No drops by the reciever.

Turnovers will be the story of the game. Who ever wins the turnover battle will win the game.

My prediction: If the game is close we will win. We need to take their lame ass fan out of the game. If we can get ahead the stadium will be empty by the third quarter. They have little loyalty for a team that was supposed to win the national championship.


PS Charlie and Lillie rocking the Beaver Gear!

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