Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OSU wins the Sun Bowl!!!

(Pic Source: CBS)
Defenses dominated this game, but the Beavers held on to win 3-0!

Slade Norris, Victor Butler, Stephen Paea played intense non-stop defense for 4 qtrs.

The Beavers are 5-0 under Riley in bowl games!!!

9-4 is a great record and a win at the end (no matter how ugly) is still a win!

OSU is now a program. The Coaches are the stars right now. Players who fit in the system will flourish. It is proven.

Great job Beavers!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pitt Game Prediction

Look I want the Beavers to win. I will be rooting for them. Dressed in black.

But losing James and Quizz Rogers is going to be really tough. 50% of OSU's offense was due to their production. Unknown players will need to have career games to replace this production.

Pitt hasn't lost anyone. They probably feel pissed that OSU has so many players with post season accolades too.

OSU is going to need a miracle to pull this one out.

OSU 42
Pitt 38


OSU reacts to Pitt defensive tackle Rashaad Duncan's blast about Beavers' O-line

OSU get's bulletin board fodder 24 hours before game time.

Read More

I don't think this means much, but if it makes the o-line try harder...I thank Rashaad for feeling inclined to talk to the press....donkey....

OSU vs. Pitt Preview

Oregon's Offense is really good

Just like I mentioned in the last post, Oregon is a copier, not an innovator.

They have replicated Florida's offense perfectly. It is really good. Masoli is versatile like Tebow....execution is the key to success.

Check the Holiday Bowl gamecast here

Masoli vs Moevao

Is it just me or is Oregon trying to copy Oregon State in every way possible?

QB Rating:
3. Moevao 134.91
4. Masoli 132.58

Passing Statistics
1.Mark Sanchez, USC213331279464.48.4301016159.12
2.Willie Tuitama, Arizona235364276864.67.621826143.08
3.Rudy Carpenter, Arizona St213351249360.77.116934130.26
4.Kevin Craft, UCLA232417234155.65.67203298.74
Lyle Moevao, Oregon St193319234160.57.3191114134.91
6.Tavita Pritchard, Stanford147254163357.96.4101318114.63
7.Jeremiah Masoli, Oregon118207148657.07.212413132.58

Riley Signs Extension, OSU has one of the plays of the year

Coach Riley got a well deserved contract extension. Read More

Rivals gives OSU a pat on the back for play of the year.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

McCants is only a redshirt freshman

Building the Dam is one of my favorite Beaver blogs, but this piece was a bit much.

First of all, both Quizz and Ryan are really young. I remember playing with and against RS freshman in practice and they were easy prey. They don't know the speed of the game, the physical pounding, the angles, etc. I remember Reggie Tongue, he was a great athlete. But in practice, I could pound him routinely because he just didn't have the experience, not because he lacked physical or mental skills. Reggie ended up playing for the Seattle Seahawks while I got fat on the couch...

My point is that Ryan is going to be a really good RB for the Beavers. The Beaver Nation needs to chill out.

Quizz is great, but he is now banged up. Injuries add up. We have to be prepared for always having new RB's step in from time to time. That said, the Beavers are not deep at all at RB. Francis looks like he is going to miss the bowl game or at least most of the practices leading up to the game. We have 3 walk-ons backing McCants. Oh well.

Oregon State readies for Pitt

I've been checking out the news on the Beavers lately, but I haven't been motivated to post anything.

Coach Riley and Quizz are getting lots of love for a great season. So is Levitre. They are deserve it. This season blew away my expectations.

I hope we keep the bowl win streak alive against Pitt. We do have a score to settle there. Does anyone remember Larry Fitzgerald?

Check this video out from the Insight Bowl:

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oregon plays OSU in the Holiday Bowl

Ok, it is Oklahoma St. not Oregon St. But it may be karma since the ducks suck.