Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OSU wins the Sun Bowl!!!

(Pic Source: CBS)
Defenses dominated this game, but the Beavers held on to win 3-0!

Slade Norris, Victor Butler, Stephen Paea played intense non-stop defense for 4 qtrs.

The Beavers are 5-0 under Riley in bowl games!!!

9-4 is a great record and a win at the end (no matter how ugly) is still a win!

OSU is now a program. The Coaches are the stars right now. Players who fit in the system will flourish. It is proven.

Great job Beavers!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a barn burner of a game. That should go wonders for recruiting. Especially after getting throttled by Oregon last month.

Beavers stink once again said...

Sorry beavs, but this game was straight embarrasing. When the hightlight play is a fieldgoal in the first half, you've got a sad situation on your hands. You got owned by the University of Oregon and respond by failing to score a single touchdown. Another embarrasment for Corvallis.

Webmaster said...

A win is a win. 5-0 in bowls under Riley. Enough said.

10 years from now, nobody will care the details of this game.

Do you think Pitt players would have taken a 3-0 win? Yes, they would.

I guarantee you that nobody predicted that the Beavers would finish 9-4.

If you are a Duck fan, I could care less. Oregon wishes it had OSU's swagger.

Jason said...

3-0 is ugly, but no James and no Quizz. A win is a win and I'll take 5-0 in bowl games over 4-1 any day.

That's 10-4, 9-4, and 9-4 over the last 3 seasons. A program.

People are still talking about the 3-0 USC win from 1967. A win is a win.

Here's an interesting note. The Beavs are 8-4 in bowl games all time. The Ducks? 8-13. Same number of bowl wins. Half the attempts. Interesting, eh?

Anonymous said...


It's the quality of the bowl wins that count. UW vs. WSU this year was more interesting.

That poor game was beaten with an ugly stick on national tv. beavernation rocks!

Webmaster said...

There is no question it was an ugly win.

The offense did not deliver in the Red Zone. The score should have been 20-0, not 3-0.

OSU's defense played a great game, which they needed to do after the embarrassment in the Civil War.