Tuesday, December 16, 2008

McCants is only a redshirt freshman

Building the Dam is one of my favorite Beaver blogs, but this piece was a bit much.

First of all, both Quizz and Ryan are really young. I remember playing with and against RS freshman in practice and they were easy prey. They don't know the speed of the game, the physical pounding, the angles, etc. I remember Reggie Tongue, he was a great athlete. But in practice, I could pound him routinely because he just didn't have the experience, not because he lacked physical or mental skills. Reggie ended up playing for the Seattle Seahawks while I got fat on the couch...

My point is that Ryan is going to be a really good RB for the Beavers. The Beaver Nation needs to chill out.

Quizz is great, but he is now banged up. Injuries add up. We have to be prepared for always having new RB's step in from time to time. That said, the Beavers are not deep at all at RB. Francis looks like he is going to miss the bowl game or at least most of the practices leading up to the game. We have 3 walk-ons backing McCants. Oh well.


Robb Todd said...


I wanted to let you know that Sling.com has free Pac-10 embeddable video content available, like this Oregon State clip:


And here’s a link to our Pac-10 page:


Right now, we just have football, but our offerings will become more robust in the future. Good luck against Oklahoma State.


Robb Todd said...

Oops, I meant good luck against Pitt ;-)