Wednesday, May 28, 2008

2008 OSU Baseball team is young

I can only comment on what I read. OSU's baseball team seems to be sucking on their own fumes. They have more excuses than a delinquent kid in high school.

The OSU baseball team stunk in games they were supposed to win this year. That is the bottomline.

Utah Valley State? Are you kidding me? Do you really think you should be invited to the NCAA's after losing to them? Really?

Read more bizarre rationalizations here.

Joey Wong seems like the only sane guy-

"It was just kind of an inconsistent year," said sophomore shortstop Joey Wong, a Sprague High School alum. "There are some quality wins, then we lost to some teams we shouldn't have lost to. I think that's what really kept us out."

And Joey is right. Not bad for a soph.

Next year will be better. 2 CWS wins in a row is amazing. Too much talent left the program quickly. OSU was made up of freshman and sophmores this year.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bellotti is overpaid

Wow. The Oregonian is straight calling out Bellotti as a scrub and I couldn't agree more. Apparently he could make 3M in income this fall. Which is a lot more than Mike Riley will get even if he wins the National Championship.

Here's the best quote:

Riley doesn't put as many fannies in the seats (Autzen is bigger and Faber sells more season tickets) but his teams do win in November, they win their bowl games - and there is a very real possibility that the lunchpail Beavers, who don't have a rich owner, will bag the Ducks for the third year in a row. ... circle Nov. 29 on your calendar, and take the over.

I am not jealous of the Ducks, I am stoked that OSU is the under-funded upstart that keeps kicking their ass on the football field.

I would be a millionaire of I got a dollar for every Duck excuse for why they can't win in November or during bowl season.

I can't wait to shred the Daffy Ducks at home next fall!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My own spring break

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've super busy with my career and I have not been inspired.

I can't wait to see the Beavers in the College World Series again....I hope. They are inspiring. Gotta luv em.

The Beavers Football team looked like they had a decent spring. DE Victor Butler looks primed for a breakout year.

Our QB situation is not looking good. Moevao was inconsistent in the spring game, most of the beat writers explained the reasons, which were many, but when a freshman has better stats than the starter something is not right.

The O-Line is also hurting and testing it's depth. And it's only the spring. I am hoping that squad does some hard work this summer and is primed for a strong '08. O-Line is in my opinion the key lynch pin in the outcome for the Beav's next year. If they suck we are f**ked.

The running backs look ok, we seem to have a stable of capable players. McCants is the talk of the town, but we will have to see how he handles Stanford, and 100k at Penn St.

Our WR core is really strong, which is great because they will have to make a lot of plays in 2008. The QB's, I use plural because there is no Derek Anderson in the mix, will get the ball there accurately some of the time. The WR's will need to make plays.

Our Defensive Secondary looks very strong, and I think that is really important. A shut down secondary will take the pressure off the front seven. Allowing the new guys to grow up faster. Al Afalava is the man, and B. Payton ain't too shabby either. Our corners are pretty darn good and experienced.

Special teams is a question mark. I don't what care what a kicker does in practice and in the spring. Let's see how they react in front of 100k and a national TV audience.

On an upbeat note, OSU's 20k square foot Sports Performance Center is really impressive according to the local press.