Friday, May 23, 2008

Bellotti is overpaid

Wow. The Oregonian is straight calling out Bellotti as a scrub and I couldn't agree more. Apparently he could make 3M in income this fall. Which is a lot more than Mike Riley will get even if he wins the National Championship.

Here's the best quote:

Riley doesn't put as many fannies in the seats (Autzen is bigger and Faber sells more season tickets) but his teams do win in November, they win their bowl games - and there is a very real possibility that the lunchpail Beavers, who don't have a rich owner, will bag the Ducks for the third year in a row. ... circle Nov. 29 on your calendar, and take the over.

I am not jealous of the Ducks, I am stoked that OSU is the under-funded upstart that keeps kicking their ass on the football field.

I would be a millionaire of I got a dollar for every Duck excuse for why they can't win in November or during bowl season.

I can't wait to shred the Daffy Ducks at home next fall!!!!!!!!!

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Mike @ ZN said...

Hey, my name is Mike and I run Zombie Nation, a Penn State blog. I wanted to get your take on our game this season. Shoot me an email when you can.


P.S. - I love that pick you have of ASU/OSU, "your qb sucks..." haha! That was totally PSU with Morelli.