Sunday, November 04, 2007

Beavers get pounded by Trojans

USC beat OSU 24-3 yesterday. OSU's defense played better than last year, holding the Trojans to less yards and points. SC only had 100 yds rushing and 185 yds passing.

OSU's offense was pitiful. Not having a single playmaker step up and make something happen was painful. No Bernard, no Stroughter, equals a very average Pac-10 offense.

Canfield only threw 1 pick, but was sacked 9 times. He was 11 for 25 for 85 yds. It was obvious that the speed of USC's defense was too much for Canfield to handle. He couldn't make quick enough decisions. That coupled with WR's and TE's not getting open quick enough and we have problems Houston.

Clinton Polk looked ok(12 carries for 45 yds, 3.8 per carry, long of 17 yds), a little rusty, but I like his game when he gets his rhythm going. Sieverson(10 carries for 33 yds) is too slow for RB in the Pac-10. Still not sure why he gets any carries.

I can't wait to beat USC in LA someday.

Oh well on to the next game....

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