Thursday, October 02, 2008

Brutal Loss for the Beav's

Wow, this one hurts.

The Beavers had so many chances. Special Teams and Defense wins championships. Neither played well for OSU in the final minutes.

The Beavers played hard, but there was an obvious missing piece to this team that Riley forgot about- the kicking game.

OSU's kicking game is horrible.


Anonymous said...

Why do we have such a love/hate relationship with Riley?
Because, he can't win in Aug/Sept, especially on national TV (how does that play in recruiting the following year?) but turns the team around somehow during Pac-10 play and post season. What if he could get his team more prepared for those pre-season games and come out winning more than losing? What would that do for our program and the balance of those seasons? BCS opportunties or Top 10 after the first 3-4 games?
Last night was Riley's fault! The decision to go for 2pt conversions twice when he didn't need to and then the pooch kickoff after the our late touch down. The team played good enough to beat Utah and the bad decisions by Riley cost them the game.
I don't know about the rest of you but I am tired of the "roller coaster" ride since Riley came back. Time to start looking for a coach that can prepare his team from day one and carry them thru the season!

Webmaster said...

I only hate Riley when we lose, but I have to give him slack these days. He has done a great job. He's doing a really good job with the players he has to work with this year. The fact that we lost by 3 on the last play of the game is not the worst way to lose. Utah is a senior laden squad that has played very well lately. We could have upset them.

I think that the game was going to be close, let's be realistic. It was going to come down to a FG. We had 3 2pt conversion attempts, which is embarrassing, but given how weak our kickers are it's all Riley could do.

As far as a roller coaster, I think the program is still a top tier Pac-10 entity. I think Riley could recruit better if he had more budget. We have to try to recruit a top 20 kicker at some point. We have to have more studs at LB too. But I think the program has facilities, a winning perception, and an opportunity to run the table in the Pac-10.

Our schedule was ridiculously hard this year, why? I have no idea.