Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking forward to 2008

(photo source: AP)

Geez, the Beavers will have their work cut out for themselves next year. Check out the schedule on the right hand menu section of the Oregon State Beaver Football Blog.

We have 3 starters on defense and 6 on offense returning. One of the returners I assume is a QB, maybe both since both started. If that's the case we are going to have our hands full next year. Canfield has a screwed up shoulder now, and Moevoa is simply not going to cut it....

We have 23 redshirts, but who cares, they will still be Freshman next fall with no game experience. These freshman will be playing in front of 100k strong in Happy Valley before they even get their feet wet against an up and coming program in Stanford. Yikes.

(photo source: OSUbeavers.com)

Message to Bob DeCarolis: you are doing a great job, but ease up on the non-conference opponents, and keep the Beav's west of the Mississippi. The Pac-1o is competitive enough that if the Beav's play cupcakes in the pre-season and win out in the Pac-10 they will be a Top 5 team guaranteed.

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