Monday, January 07, 2008

Donkey's Read Pure Orange.....

All these folks at Pure Orange BB caught my brain fart on spelling Riley's name Reilly....LMFAO

Pure Orange doesn't even take new registrations without webmaster approval, so I couldn't defend myself on their BB. Hmmmm, weird. Oh well.

That's the last time I watch Bill O'Reilly and post something on the OSUFBB....and no bears...I mean beers while posting......damn....

Click here to read how pissed everyone is.

My response:

Whatever little bitches...

If you have read this blog before there are no misspellings of Riley in the prior posts. Maybe there should've been, I just don't know Mike's politics enough to comment on that....he seems pretty conservative. Anyway who cares......

I am 1000 times more credible than any visitor on Pure Orange, please spare me.

This is not a paid blogger here.....any donkey can put Google ads on their blog these days. But if you feel like clicking on some of the Google links I won't complain.....heeehaww


Anonymous said...

Hey, now, slow down a little bit and look at the humor in this blog entry:

1) You have to admit that misspelling the head coach’s last name is pretty funny. I mean the guy has been here for 5+3 years and his last name is really common and you must have typed it hundreds of times in all your various blog entries. So, yes, it is really funny to see you misspell it multiple times in one blog entry.

2) I don’t think the Pure Orange thread you linked shows “how pissed everyone is”. It shows how your misspelling bothered a handful of people, which is far from “everyone”. It is kind of funny how strongly you reacted to that.

3) It seems like a bit of absurd hyperbole to say that you are “1000 times more credible than any visitor on Pure Orange”. I mean, how could you possibly know that? For that matter, how could any reader of your blog know that? And, most relevant at the moment, how could anyone who saw the misspelling of the head coach’s name or the starting QB’s name know that?

4) And, finally… The title of this blog entry is “Donkey’s Read Pure Orange”. Didn’t *you* read Pure Orange in order to see the thread? ;-)

It looks like you put a lot of work into your blog. Thanks for doing that. It’s interesting to look back at the archives and see, for instance, how the 2006 season started with tracking the momentum of the Anti-Riley websites and ended with a plea for DeCarolis to get Riley signed to a new contract before he (Riley) left for Alabama or ASU. Without a blog archive, a lot of people could forget the humor in that whole sequence of events.

Just enjoy what you do and don’t get too bent out of shape when you are called out on something. In some cases (like this one), it may just be time to laugh at yourself a little bit.

Webmaster said...

I said everyone is pissed because of the tone of the comments and the insults.....but I found them hilarious. I am not pissed.

The heehaw at the end was supposed to imply my self indulgent humor about the issue. I think it's hilarious that the Freudian mistake was caught.

No I don't read Pure Orange, but my website traffic spiked for some reason, all the links were from Pure Orange. I guess I owe them some gratitude for being my editors and traffic if I could only find a way to spend the $.24 I got from Google ads last year...

I sometimes make absurd hyberole' I am 1000x times more credible than the posters at PO. But I did actually play for the Beavers, and I am friends with ex Beavers(players & coaches), Ducks, Bruins, Bears,etc, current and ex-pro players from lots of different schools. I was on the sideline, how many others can say that? Not many. None that have blogs about the Beavers.