Friday, October 01, 2010

SF Giants are more important than the Beav's

Is that wrong? For some reason my attention has been focused on the SF Giants playoff run. Gotta luv the Orange/Black of pro baseball. The Giants have had a great season, they sucked the first few months, and now they are about to win the Division and make the playoffs. Can the Beavers follow this same storyline? They have for the past few years, but this year feels different.

I am just not interested in the ASU/OSU game as much. The Erickson led OSU team tribute at halftime is kinda cool, but weird because I want the Beavers to crush his team into oblivion the same day I am paying tribute to his efforts in 2000. WTF?

It seems like it's all been said about the Beavers this fall, and there is not much more to point out when it comes to OSU's flaws.

Duh, the defense is not good this year.

Duh, there is a new QB who isn't as efficient as they need when the defense is crap.

Duh, the lack of roster depth/talent-stemming from uncoordinated recruiting efforts, is a huge issue.

The ASU game is not a toss up. James Rodgers is still hurt from his concussion, and concussions are not easy to return from. The Beavers get +3 for being the home team. But ASU is better statistically and against good opposition.

My prediction- ASU 35-21. Please prove me wrong Beavers.

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