Sunday, October 17, 2010

Your love is a rollercoaster

A lot of folks are talking about the loss against Washington, it was a tough one. The bye is going to help me recover from this emotionally draining first 6 games. At 3-3 apathy is starting to set in.

This season has been a rocky one from a fan's perspective. There have been a lot of highlights to get excited about, and there have been some clear deficiencies made apparent.

It is not easy being an Oregon State football fan. It seems like every year, even when the team is winning, you have no idea what to expect. When you expect them to lose, they win. When you expect them win, they find a way to lose.

Cal fans have been going through this for years. I am friends with lots of Cal grads and their apathy is unreal. It doesn't matter if Cal is 7-0 or 11-0, they expect an implosion one way or the other. This year's Cal team is no different. Totally psycho. Nobody knows witch team will show up.

Is Oregon State going to be Cal from now on?


dave said...

C'est la vie, as they say in France! It is better to support a team where you don't know what will happen than one that is just predictable!

Webmaster said...

My liver doesn't agree with you. :)