Monday, August 09, 2010

Reality Check

This post goes out to the overly optimistic voters on my 2010 prediction poll. 15% of the voters think the Beavers will go UNDEFEATED! WTF?

I am cautiously optimistic for the upcoming season. The media is giving the Beavers way too much love this early. It kinda makes me worried. I do not think a first year QB is going to be able to handle TCU and BSU in the first 3 starts. Adding Louisville who is eager to make a mark on the Pac-10 is crazy brutal. I don't care how good the RB's and WR's are, the Beav's have a brutal schedule to overcome. The OSU defense is not that talented- quote me now. The OSU LB's are okay at best. There are no studs that I can see there.

It's great that Paea is getting love, but he's a nose guard, not even a DT. I don't think he is going to dominate a game even though he is talented. I don't see anyone else on the defense who has the physical skills to ball right now. Maybe someone will step up.

I will be happy if the Beav's start 1-2, psyched if they go 2-1, ecstatic at 3-0.


blowcheese said...

angry beav no mancrush here but i fully support your take. Beavs have about the same talent they had last year and a more difficult schedule, 7-4 could be do-able. There are quite a few fucktards in the beaver kingdom i hate to say it who have blind enthusiasm with little knowledge of the actual roster or the players. A lot of these fools live on pure orange. I have to call this one in particular out.

He seems to think beavs have an awesome stable of running backs. Really?

Is that why the number 2 guy is a walk on from beaverton who didnt even get an offer from linfield? and behind him is a guy (mccants) who has been here three years and cant even break the top three without an injury to jovan stephenson? Beyond that is a scrawny true freshman (marable) who nobody even talks about he is so raw. How is that a stable. LIke i say. Fucktards.

Webmaster said...

hey blowcheese, this blog isn't Angry Beavers, but I love Angry's post too. There is a link on my site to Angry's new blog-definitely check it.

RB's are not my biggest concern right now. I agree that the media attention for the Beavers is a double edged sword. They are getting lots of love right now, perhaps too much.

Somehow the Beavers have turned out respectable seasons lately, and that make me happy(even with the near misses to the Rose Bowl). This year could be really frustrating if the Beav's don't perform in their first 3 games...