Friday, September 26, 2008

The Economics of OSU's Amazing Victory

(source: LA Times)

OSU and USC both earned 630k for being on ESPN last night. Which is a nice payday for both programs.

But because OSU beat the #1 team in the nation, on nationwide TV, they probably got $5M worth of great marketing and PR.

Everyone is aware of Oregon State now.

BTW- There are tons of records that fell last night. Almost too many to mention. The Beavers were the first unranked team to beat a #1 since 1990.

Also, OSU beat the crap out of USC's players throughout the whole game. We simply beat them up and down the field. OSU hit harder and faster. Read more.

Lastly, how stupid does Bryan Payton feel right now? Howabout Una Smiley? You guys blew it.

There is some QB from UVA who got kicked off the team, and stated he was tranferring to OSU, before the USC game he said he hasn't decided to come to OSU yet......I am not sure we need a prima donna, do you?

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