Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oregon just administered the biggest ass whipping on Oregon State ever.

Oregon State played horrible defense all night. It's ironic that the option offense was what stopped us from going to the Rose Bowl

697 yds of total offense by Oregon was unreal. Oregon's offensive coordinator deserves a ton of credit. Banker got out-coached tonight. Bigtime.

There is no point in analyzing individual players for Oregon State. They all played hard, but made tons of foolish mistakes. James Rogers did nothing, and ended up hurt. Ok, I had to comment on him. Stroughter played a great game.

Most of all, Oregon State got "out-athleted" tonight. Oregon's players were more athletic that OSU's.

Our players got used tonight. Hopefully we can try and save some face in our bowl game.


Anonymous said...

What an Ugly game. The Beavs got outcoached, outplayed, and outsmarted by the Ducks and got taken to school on how to play defense. 1. Canfield should have started. 2. Banker did not make any adjustments at the half time. 3. Lyle made some very poor judgments. And.. worst Pac-10 officiating job ever! Rosebowl? forget it for at least another 5 years. This was the best chance ever! Call it a season - Banker's mighty DEFENSE lost the game for us.

Webmaster said...

I agree. OSU did not learn a thing from the Penn State game.

The Beaver's aggressiveness on defense was their Achilles heel.

4 turnovers don't help either.

Pac-10 ref's are the worst in the nation. That's a given and not worth commenting on.