Sunday, November 30, 2008

Final thought on the Rose Bowl

It's not often you sit in first place with a win against USC in the Pac-10. One game to go. Best of all, you have a home game against your arch rival. This loss hurts.

This was a better year than I expected, but coming so close hurts. I am sure the OSU team will find a way to rebound and have a good showing in the Sun Bowl. The OSU coaches have the challenge of not losing any recruits because of this game while they spend the next few weeks on the recruiting trail. While OSU has a bunch of verbal commits, that's all they are. Verbal commits. Signing on the dotted line is what counts.

Anyway, this game was a huge disappointment. The whole Beaver Nation is in mourning.

Let GnR take us out with an appropriate ditty:

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