Sunday, November 02, 2008

ASU comes close

(Pic Source: ESPN/AP Photo/Greg Wahl-Stephens)

The Beavers won a close one last night(27-25), and it looks like each week is going to be tough going forward. ASU was hungry, just like I predicted. They played hard the whole game.

OSU's defense bent, but didn't break. They played tough.

The injury bug is the biggest key to OSU running the table. Moevao is a big loss if he is out for an extended period. Canfield has the physical tools, but I am not convinced he is as mentally tough as Moevao. His pick against ASU is why it was even close. But he did play an excellent second half, the jury is still out.

OSU's secondary seems to have multiple personalities. It seems like teams get away with a lot of big plays in the passing game. Yet OSU's DB make plays sometimes. The OSU prevent defense is not good at all.

Arizona, Cal, and UCLA will be tough. So will Oregon, but they seem to have transformed into a running focused offense. Not sure what to think there.

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