Sunday, March 16, 2008

Football Pro Day

Now that the Beavers are a perennial winner in football, OSU holds a "Pro Day" where scouts from various NFL teams take a last look at players before the draft.

I did not see the actual event, but The Oregonian Report made it clear that the 2007 OSU team was a team. There are not a lot of NFL prospects from our impressive 9-4 squad. The forty times were pathetic for the most part. Roy Schuening looks like our top draft pick, he could be a high 2nd rounder.

Yvenson Bernard ran 4.8 40 yard dashes, his best was a 4.6. He claimed that his knee is not 100%. Nonetheless, the video from his career doesn't lie. He rarely out ran anyone, ever. I complained before about his lack of big play ability and what it cost the Beavers. But he was a player with a huge heart, he was consistent and the best we had. I hope reality sets in soon for him, and he goes and gets a Graduate degree of some sort.

Darlin, LaRoque, and Doggett are going to need help to get drafted. Free agency seems realistic.

Everyone else available is just wasting time, fighting the inevitable.....

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