Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gazette Times reminds me of Hitler

I was just perusing
Beaver Sports News and saw the post from the little bitches at the Corvallis Gazette Times(Editorial: OSU’s double standard showing again) claiming injustice because of two recent moronic events that tarnished the Football and Baseball programs.....a little bit.

FYI Oregon, besides me and a very small pool of alums, nobody gives a shit.

Yes shooting guns at cans facing another home is beyond stupid.

Yes driving drunk is wrong.

Riley and Casey seem very consistent with their handling of the players. They are professionals. It's not like the old days at OSU anymore. OSU's coaches get paid, and they are pro.

FYI- The s**t that happened from '79-'93 in the FB program was way worse and way more inconsistent than anything seen nowadays. Coaches and players got in a ton of trouble. Ok, players got into more trouble than coaches, but you get my point.

I will never post the stuff that I know. Ever. Not the sex scandals, brawls, burglaries, robberies, speeding tickets, needless surgeries, drugs, performance enhancers, recruiting honeys(mine had a beard-f**k yeah), or about the hypno-therapist the team used in 1991.

There was no internet in those days. (Thank God)

BTW- I think OSU's current program is first class, a couple lame events don't make a trend. Given Riley and Casey's tenure at OSU, there have been very few incidents to speak of.

I am proud of Oregon State's track record, and DeCarolis has run a first rate operation.

PS- I think Cliff Kirkpatrick is money, I don't think he had anything to do with the lame post.

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