Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Ball Depth Chart Commentary


Given the amount of seniors we lost on defense, there are a lot of letterman returning. Our defensive tackles look like NFL sized guys. We have at least 3 DT's over 300lbs. That is ridiculous.

OSU's defensive ends look thin, unless our JC players don't qualify. Then OSU is stacked again.

OSU's LB's are unproven. It will be interesting to see who steps up in this crew. They all have experience, but they all need to step it up.

OSU's CB's are experienced. Cinncy, UCLA, and ASU had their way with them last year however...

I can't believe Al Afalava is Sr now. I feel old. Al won't be playing in the Stanford game this year, and I am sure Stanford's receivers are thanking their lucky stars......

B. Payton is 231lbs coming into Spring Ball. At Free Safety, that is scary.

Payton and Afalava could be the most intimidating Safeties Oregon St has ever fielded....


OSU's QB situation is not good.....can Katz step up? OSU's WR's are rock solid, the 2008 OSU QB has a HUGE opportunity.

OSU's RB situation is ok. Patrick Fuller is still on the roster JIC McCants melts down.

OSU's O-line is thin at tackle....the guards and center look good.

OSU's WR's are stacked. Sammie Stroughter got his hardship approved by the NCAA. James Rodgers scored the game winning TD's in the Civil War and the Emerald Bowl. 'Nuff said.

OSU's TE's are all experienced. As a group they are productive, but in '08 they need to shine.

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