Saturday, September 19, 2009

Beavers get beaten by Bearcats

(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

28-18 was the final score. First loss of the season. It was a very sloppy game for the Beavers.

Cincy exposed the Beaver's biggest weakness- it's offensive line. Which is a weird thing to say, because the Beavers have so many good lines over the years. All afternoon, it was an ass whupping. The line of scrimmage was Cincy's.

This year, OSU's o-line looked so weak compared to their opponent. Canfield had no time, WR's had no time, and Quizz had few holes to run through. The Bearcats were more physical.

The Beaver defense did not have a great game, but made some plays to give the offense a chance. The DB's continued to show their lack of skills, getting lit up again for big plays.

While I think Cincy is a good team, and they will show well for the year, the Beavers have 5 more tough games against solid teams.

USC, Cal, Stanford, Washington, ASU, Oregon......all are looking like tough games.

The only gimme is WSU. U of A is not bad, and will put up a fight. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds.

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