Saturday, September 12, 2009

Beavers beat UNLV...barely

The Beavers pulled out a win with a last second field goal by Justin Kahut. 23-21 was the final score. It was an ugly win. Lots of hard hits. The Beavers showed a lot heart.

The Beavers had horrible clock management at the end of the game, but still pulled it out. They had 8 penalties, and two TD lead too. It showed a lot of determination to stay focused and get the win.

The Rodgers Bros. continued to carry the team, although a couple rookie WR's made plays in the 4th quarter. Both James(11 catches for 80yds) and Jacquizz(22 carries for 166yds, 1TD) took some really hard hits tonight. UNLV was laying the lumber all night. OSU's defense still has to develop a pass defense, they only had 1 sack tonight too.

Canfield had another productive game. He moved the offense and gave the Beavers a chance. Canfield still looks afraid to take a hit when he is in the pocket. He took some shots, but nothing brutal. He didn't seem to have a clue about the clock at the end of the game. In the 4th quarter there was a 4 down try by OSU that was really weak-Canfield must be really soft- he sneaked like a panzy and got stuck in a pile. UNLV promptly when on to score their last TD and took the lead. Riley got really pissed near the end when Canfield and the rest of the "O" started burning seconds. The good news is that Canfield did not turn the ball over, which is huge.

UNLV was a good team tonight evenly matched with OSU, but the Beavers were determined to find a way to win.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs2020
Total Yards382292
3rd Down Conversions6-126-11
4th Down Conversions0-10-1

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