Monday, September 07, 2009

Drinking the Kool-Aid

I keep reading news articles, I call them that because the writers are beat for major newspapers in the NW, and OSU's lack of pass rush against PSU is not being talked about.

FYI- OSU's pass rush was pathetic against a weak opponent. The run defense was okay. Oh and the Db's- they got lit up for 300 yds from a D-1AA QB.

OSU has a lot of work to do. I bet they will develop like every other Riley led team, but let's not get carried away with OSU's first win of the year.


acurtis said...

Post game comments, and basic football sense would tell you that the pass rush was not relentless because they were not trying to rush the passer. From what i understood from Bankers comments they wanted to give the DB's a test and while they gave up some yardage, they did not give up the big play and kept everything in front of them. They remained in a 4-3 scheme all day despite PSU going 5 wide (which usually calls for a nickel D) oh and it was a shut out as far as the starters are concerned.

Webmaster said...

Not trying to rush the passer? Are you kidding me? That is funny.

Banker wants a pass rush. Especially against an inferior opponent. A goose egg is not what he wanted.

It's only the first game, the defense will improve. Hopefully.

Anonymous said...

While we're waiting to see what the D does against UNLV, might as well check out