Monday, September 28, 2009

Get your speedo ready

From BeaverPhil-

Yes…I will be swimming in a Speedo in December. I pay my debts (Unlike some Wildcat in-laws).

Why will a fat dude in a Speedo? Simple: our lines suck!

I love the Beavers and will always try to find the needle in the haystack. There is nothing here. It was embarrassing all night to have that Long Haired, first Game Starting Hillbilly sitting in the pocket for hours. He was never pressured and could take his time against our average at best Defensive backs. It was tough to watch. They need to hit the drawing board and stunt, blitz or something different. What they are doing is not working. They never stopped them. They are not a powerhouse. We will be run out of the stadium by the rest of the Pac is we continue to play that way on D.

The Offense is worse. Yes, I am sure that I will get #1 Ball Washer status when I say that I continue to like Canfield at QB. He does not make mistakes. The last pick was him trying to make a play in a fruitless end to the game. True, he takes longer than I would like to make a decision but it is often the best decision. There are too many observations to point out specifically, so I will go with two. Phillip is young and is getting worked. The gang tackle of Canfield in the endzone for the safety at the end of the game was the Cherry on top. He did not even have time to Crap himself before 5 dudes were squashing him. Pathetic. Give him more/some time.

For those who want Moevao, fine put him in. The opposition will blow him up too. Only difference is that he will throw 3-4 picks a game. Be careful what you wish for.

Catching better be hurt. We need him. Some players get the training room disease. Let’s hope he is not one of them.

Punt Return – it is hard to imagine blaming a loss on Punt returners, but there might be a case. Catch the Ball! What happened to you guys. Field position is key and you let us down. It is not that we would have won simply if you catch the ball, just would have given our offense a chance to breathe.

Prepare for a long season.


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Anonymous said...

canfield sucks. Inaccurate, no deep ball, can't read the defense. Put in the freshmen, if we're gonna lose might as well give him some experience.