Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Enough already

I've been surfing the net for OSU Beaver articles, and the common piece is about how all the "message boards" are calling for Sean Canfield's head. There is a nice heart felt piece about Moevao text messaging Canfield a love note...great.....

I studied communications at OSU and one of the things it taught me was when to smell B.S. I read comments on all the major sites and the Canfield vs. Moevao argument is minimal.

I don't think Canfield was the reason OSU lost to Cincy. Quite the contrary, the offensive line got it's ass kicked and Quizz was not 100%. PLEASE STOP BASHING CANFIELD. I know he sucks, but so does Moevao, neither are top-tier talents. I think Sean has showed a lot of poise, which also can be construed as holding on to the ball too long. Either way, he is capable of winning 70% of his games if everyone else does their job.

Speaking of which, the OSU defense is average at best. I love Banker, I am sure he can make it work. The LB's are too small, fast yes, but over-powered with good tecnique. This year's D has done okay with stopping the run, but those stats are misleading when the opponents can pass for 20 yds at an 80% completion rate.

Arizona is a great opportunity for the Beavers to dominate and have a big win to start their Pac-10 campaign. Given the competiveness of the Pac-10 this year, the Beavers need all the help they can get.


Anonymous said...

You know, Honestly, you can pick. You get a beafy QB who cant throw very far but makes decisions quick or you get a qb like canfield who is more of the average-in the pocket- quarterback. I persionally like moevao bacause the whole team is lightened up and electric when he plays. Start Moevao.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Canfield is fine if you have a great o-line and he can sit in the pocket all day.... maybe. The truth is Moevao brings energy and the confidence to win. He also won't get Jaquizz killed like Canfield almost did yesterday with those short over the middle passes.