Saturday, November 06, 2010

Heartbreaking loss

OSU lost to UCLA tonight 17-14 on a last second 51 yd FG. There is no point in my mind for analyzing the details of this game. It had huge ramifications for OSU's season.

At this point, OSU will be lucky to breakeven this year. A bowl is a long shot. OSU will not beat all 4 of it's remaining opponents. USC, Stanford, Oregon are likely losses.

So how did scheduling TCU and BSU work out for the Beav's this year? Was it worth it? Maybe the Beav's could've been 6-2 instead of 4-4.

Losing James Rogers has turned into a really big deal, the lack of defensive stars is also glaring.

I am not a blogger interested in ripping on Riley or the rest of the coaching staff. OSU's players played hard tonight. They've played hard all year- which I am proud of.


Nolan said...

I admire your satisfaction with the Beaver football coaching staff, and normally I would agree with you 100%. But tonight was different. The Beavers are better than that UCLA team. They have arguably the best running back in the pac-10 in Jacquizz Rodgers, and he got 14 carries tonight. And let's face it: when Rodgers doesn't do well, the Beavers don't do well. How is Quizz supposed to do well when he only touches the football 14 times? You tell me.

I'm a die-hard Beaver fan, and I will support them to the end even if Washington State is their last win this year. But that game was embarrassing to watch. Here's my philosophy: when in doubt, let Quizz take over. They didn't do that tonight, and they paid for it with a regulation loss.

Webmaster said...

Wasn't it an embarrassment because you expected more?

My biggest fear is becoming like Cal. Apathy there is unreal.

Situations drove coaches to not run the ball with Quizz. They tried to pass the ball to him but UCLA covered him well. Plus Katz can't read down his progressions yet. I am not satisfied with the coaching, but without the ponies OSU is destined to be middle of the pack.

The weird thing is that as much as things change in college football-they tend to stay the same. In the 80's Barry Switzer said that it is a game of out- athleting opponents, not executing or beating the scheme. Coaches can only do so much, teams with the most talent tend to win. OSU still doesn't have a dedicated recruiting coordinator as far as I can tell.

I think OSU is at a turning point, consciously or sub-consciously.

Nolan said...

It was an embarrassment because the defense held UCLA to 17, and our offense just couldn't execute. They needed to establish the run early like they did against Louisville and Cal. Granted, it wasn't a home game, but they needed to get Quizz more involved, especially early.

I think there's a leadership problem out there among the athletes. It was tough losing James to that knee injury. He's a really vocal guy, and we might be missing his leadership more than his athleticism at this point. Frankly, Quizz seems to be a bit callous and emotionally flat on the field, and it rubs off on the whole offense. When's the last time you've seen the Beavers play some passionate, angry football? Maybe against Washington, but only for half the game at most. I just want to see some desire offensively. They seem almost apathetic, like you said, even after touchdowns and big plays.

I love Riley and his coaching staff. They care about the kids, and show up ready to play every week. I remember seeing the "Can Riley" signs in Reser a few years back, and I'm glad that BS has passed. I just hope these guys can rally and break even this year. A bowl game seems distant, but the end of this season is important for development and confidence. And who knows? Maybe they'll pick up a minor bowl considering their tough schedule!

Connor said...

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