Sunday, November 07, 2010


The Beavers are facing their first losing season in awhile. This loss to UCLA really hurts. There are many problems for the Beavers to overcome. I don't think there is a major coaching problem unless you are talking about recruiting.

A commenter here brought this subject up- and I thought it deserved it's own post. It's clear there is a field leadership problem at OSU. There just aren't enough players who qualify to be called a leader- even Quizz. Quizz doesn't seem to have the "Brett Favre" personality traits to be a real leader on offense, plus he is stoppable. Katz is getting by, not throwing INT's, but missing tons of open WR's and big plays. Giving Katz a title as leader is not fitting right now.

Leaders tend to dominate whenever they are on the field. Occasionally they get stopped or beat, but 90% of the time they kick ass. They also have supreme self confidence because they deliver the goods-consistently.

You can't assign a leadership title to someone who doesn't make plays against any level of competition consistently. The Beavers do not have a player who I would consider really dominant. Quizz is good, but he is starting to remind me of Yvenson Bernard. Paea is not the guy either. None of the defensive players look the part this year.

Here are some general guidelines for being a leader:

1)you should be a recruited player- not a walk-on- Mike Hass is the only exception
2)you should dominate the opposition consistently- even against the top 25 teams
3)you have to be able to be enthusiastic but not a spaz
4)you have to be able to motivate your teammates
5)you have to walk the walk/talk the talk

Just with those guidelines I don't see anyone fitting that description on the Beavers. Maybe James Rogers when he was healthy. But he's out and the Beavers don't have a replacement.

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