Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Beaver Phil's take on the UCLA game

There are many observations one can make about the Beaver/Bruin game but one sticks out to me.

We can't stop the spread/pistol/revolver or whatever they want to call it. Other than the UW 2OT loss we have been abused by the spread QB and it's running game. Brehaut looked like Andy Dalton and Kellen Moore. He is not that good. We can defend the pro set ok and that will help the next few weeks. The Civil War might be ugly.

Really disappointed with the personal fouls. Dwight Roberson hit Brehaut out of bounds on a 3rd and goal after he ran out of bounds on what would have been 4th down. Two plays later they tied the game. Early in the 4th quarter The late hit by Mike Remmers after a 7 yard first down run by Quizz really hurt. We had momentum after the Dockery pick and that made it 2nd and 18. With 48 seconds left they gave Remmers "Diamond in the Rough" status as a team leader. Not tonight. One play makes a difference. I LOVE Dwight, but both of those guys should know better.

The offense big not make mistakes but did not help themselves. Quizz needed more carries and yards.

Don't care about the last play when they put time on the clock. It was a good call. What I do have a problem with is UCLA getting an extra second on the second to last play. Giving them 4 vs. 3 seconds means the game would have gone to OT.

This game was not decided by the last two plays. We let a marginal team beat us.

Our bowl eligibility is in question with the loss. We should handle WSU next week but that gives us 5 wins. Need to beat USC, Stanford or the Ducks. Should squeak one of those out but don't like to have to.

Go Beavs.


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Anonymous said...

7-0 Cougs...