Friday, November 05, 2010

2011 Football Schedule Commentary

Brutal. That's all I can say. Wisconsin, BYU, Utah + the Pac-10 schedule. There is still one slot open- maybe DeCarolis can schedule Alabama or LSU.....

I've said it a dozen times on this blog, OSU needs to stop scheduling Top 25 non-conference teams.

It makes no sense at all. I am so tired of the people who say "it helps recruiting" when we play tough non-conference teams. That is BS. If I am a baller and I see OSU get it's ass kicked on national tv, I am NOT going to be inclined to go to OSU over another Pac-10 or Big 12 or even Mountain West team that wins and goes to good/meaningful bowl games. I am also tired of the people who say "tough games make the Beavers better", that is total BS. The Pac-10 games are tough enough. Every year there are high profile/pressure packed games that can toughen the Beavers for what really matters- A BCS BOWL GAME.

Listen, when I was at OSU the team/program sucked. Scheduling Nebraska for a payday made sense. The risk reward ratio worked in OSU's favor.

Now, this program doesn't need paydays or exposure to losses that kill a season before it even starts.

Here's the full 2011 OSU Beaver football schedule:

Sept. 3 TBD (non-conference home game)
Sept. 10 at Wisconsin (non-conference)
Sept. 17 Bye
Sept. 24 UCLA
Oct. 1 at Arizona State
Oct. 8 Arizona
Oct. 15 BYU (non-conference)
Oct. 22 at Washington State
Oct. 29 at Utah
Nov. 5 Stanford
Nov. 12 at California
Nov. 19 Washington
Nov. 26 at Oregon

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