Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 10 Beaver Football 2007 Video Clips

We still have awhile before Spring Practice, so in the meantime here's the Oregon State Beaver Football Blog's Top 10 football clips from Youtube!

10)Cal's Bonehead Play 2007- Tedford's reaction was classic! Great clip

9)Oregon St delivers a clinic on goaline defense for Cal's were saying "we are #1"?

8)Oregon State quarterback Lyle Moevao lays out Husky defensive tackle Grayson Gunheim during a reverse to James Rodgers.

7)Emerald Bowl fan video diary- a great POV of the Beaver Nation! AWESOME.

6)Civil War game fan diary- another great POV from the Beaver Nation

5)Beavers give All Access to the Beaver Nation- tons of great clips here

4)Game winning drive in the Emerald Bowl- James Rodgers makes another huge play!

3)Al Afalava's bone crushing hit on Jeffery Maehl- they call it a civil war for a reason. Notice Jeff's legs flail like a spazz after the hit....

2)Oregon State 2007 highlight reel from XOMedia- well done, but I don't like all the effects. Nonetheless, this a great video of the Beavers kicking ass.

1)OSU beats the Ducks in their own house. AWESOME!

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