Friday, February 29, 2008

Can the Beaver's FB team avoid the ESPN curse?

Seems like everytime we are on ESPN-which usually happens early in the season, we get smoked.

This year the Beaver's will have 3 out of their first 4 games televised on ESPN. Hawaii won't get a chance to take advantage of OSU's curse. Stanford, Penn St, and USC will. Bummer 2 of them are Pac-10 teams.

As I mentioned before, our schedule is tough for 2008. Too tough in my opinion. If the goal is to make it to the BCS, all Oregon State has to do play patsies in the non-conference schedule(win all 3), and win the Pac-10. I assume that means that the Beavers can't lose more than 1 conference game. 2 puts the Beav's on the fringe of the BCS ala USC this year.

This formula is bullet proof and simple. 1 pre-season game against a national power is pointless in my opinion. Hawaii, Penn St, and Utah are not powerhouses, but they are good on any given year. Keep it Simple Stupid.

I don't recommend that we play I-AA teams in our non-conference schedule either.

OSU doesn't have to play east of the Mississippi. OSU doesn't have to play top ranked teams in the pre-season. We need to win all of our non-conference games, and win the Pac-10, then it's off to New Orleans.......

Spring Football starts March 31st.

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Well, some good news... Sammie Stroughter has been granted another year of eligibility.