Thursday, February 07, 2008

ESPN gives OSU a D+


Ok, we didn't sign a punter or a kicker......not good.

USC,UCLA,Washington,ASU, and Oregon made the Rivals top 25 rankings.

In fact, we didn't even make the Top 50 according to Rivals. At least OSU was ahead of Wazzu in the conference rankings.


Jake at Building the Dam states that Jacquizz Rodgers, brother of James Rodgers, out of Lamaar Consolidated High School in Texas, will win the


ESPN gave OSU a whopping D+ for it's recruiting effort this year.

I guess this class of recruits will(should) have a chip on it's shoulder for next year. There is not a lot of respect for the Beavers recruiting, but we seemed to have the fewest scholarships to offer of anyone in the Pac-10. Plus, we lost key coaches who were excellent recruiters.

Undercover Orange lists our greyshirts for '08, why don't they count towards OSU's 2008 class?


I think the Beavers got some interesting players this year, and it will be up to them to make the most of their opportunity. It's hard to say who will pan out these days, hopefully all of these recruits will actually make it to campus. The last couple years have included too many kids who couldn't make the grade, so to speak.....remember Reggie Dunn or Jake Gelakoska?

PS- Kuli, a five-star defensive end, needs to complete about 20 units by Aug. 1 before he can join the Beavers.


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