Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beavers give away a winnable game...again

UCLA wins 27-19.  Box Score

After watching the slopfest known as Oregon State Football this afternoon, I have one comment- fire the entire coaching staff. Ok, given Riley's lifetime contract it's more likely that the OC/DC's could be history. But I doubt it will happen until after the season. 

UCLA has some good athletes, but OSU matched up well, and yet they found a way to make bonehead mistake after bonehead mistake. 

Blaming the youth of the OSU team is lame. There are plenty of coaching techniques to mitigate this fact. Every program goes through youth movements. Every perennial winner has it's best players taken early in the NFL draft, the difference is the coaching. And Money.  Money still defines success. 

This season only gets more difficult after UCLA. Yikes. 

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