Friday, September 23, 2011

It's do or die for the Beavers

The ramifications of this game are huge for the Beavers. Win and the team builds confidence. Lose and this season is going to be more brutal than it already is. 

If the Beavers win they can gather momentum for a tough ASU game away. Winning by 10 or 1 doesn't matter. Even if they lose by a point, it won't help the situation. 

There are no moral victories.  The Beavers need to win. 

Good news- James Rogers and joe Halahuni are supposed to play. I have no idea how healthy he really is,  but even at 90% of where he was before will be helpful. 

I am predicting an OSU victory, something in my gut tells me the Beavers will rally. Somehow. 

UCLA usually doesn't like playing in Corvallis. See below:

Kickoff is at 12:30 PDT. Unfortunately it won't start raining until the evening tomorrow. I am looking for help from all sources these days.......

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