Saturday, September 10, 2011

Riley's handling of the QB is a symptom

It's a much bigger problem. Mike Riley probably lost all credibility with his team after pulling some of the most bizarre coaching moves I've ever seen. Urban Meyer said the same and he's been around way longer than me.

Obviously Ryan Katz is a wreck mentally. But can you imagine being a player on the sideline or in the huddle and watching this stupid strategy unfold. I bet the wheels came off in practice this week. What we witnessed today was just a replay of practice. 

Riley's handling of the QB's is sign that he doesn't have any answers. A confident coach, a prepared coach, a coach with some fire, wouldn't do what he did today.

I really feel sorry for the OSU players. I think they are physically talented enough to at least compete.  Mentally they are weak. This is a direct result of Riley. 

Mike is a very nice person, but he has brought this on himself. I have a feeling that this is going to be an expensive divorce between OSU/Riley, it might not happen even if the team goes 2-9.

Even if OSU somehow turns around their season, the second half comeback that Riley teams are known for seems harder given their schedule + no above average athletes. A losing season is almost guaranteed. 

The Oregon St program is going in the wrong direction.

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