Friday, September 02, 2011

Sac State prediction

Oregon State should win 35-7.

Reason why: better athletes

What will it take for Sac St to pull the upset? OSU's skill players choke and Sac St scores off multiple turnovers.

Odds of an upset? 1000 to 1

PS- Wisconsin looked very good against UNLV last night. OSU better put an ass whipping on Sac St to send a message and build confidence.Utah and ASU looked good too.Yes, I know that they played inferior schools, but still, they did what they were supposed to do.

Here's highlights from Wisconsin's win against UNLV:


Anonymous said...

As a Hornet fan who attended the game I wish I would have put $20 on your 1000 to 1 bet.

Webmaster said...

No s**t. Vegas would have taken the bet, you would have made out just fine.

PS- I have a few friends who played at Sac St while I played at OSU. No hate intended. Congrats on a great win.