Saturday, September 03, 2011

Coach Zombie

As I stated in my prior post, Oregon State lost today because of Mike Riley(and his coaches). He had the ponies to win today and didn't. He embarrassed the university and alumni. Does he realize this? Or is he a zombie?

I am not sure. I am sure that there hasn't been a year Riley & Co has had the team prepared- hard schedule or not. Smell a trend? It's not an elephant, it's a corpse in the living room. 

To lose to a FCS school, like this, is unforgivable unless OSU goes to a BCS bowl this year. Then all is forgiven. 

Will OSU go BCS this year? Yes, as soon as I find an antidote for zombies. 

OSU's administration is going to have to do some real soul searching this off season regarding the head coach for football. My take is that Riley is not the answer. He has done a good job, but I think the run is over.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Let's look at your argument about Riley from another point of view. Chip Kelly's. Bottom lip a-quiver, Chip stated post-game after losing to LSU: Look at their D-line. That's not the type of player we are used to seeing".

After consecutive whompings by SEC schools the Chipster knows the SEC is bringing Horses, not Ponies. So why can't OSU ever find horses prepared to play? Or are they there already, just wearing red shirts? Can Riley actually find a 4-star or 5-star player or two?
How inept are we at this, really? Is it me, or are our teams getting smaller for a reason?

Webmaster said...

LSU has horses for sure. It's hard to argue about OSU's recruiting deficiencies too.

The reality is that the SEC is the most corrupt college football conference by far. It's well documented.

OSU is not going to "cheat" or get creative to solve the recruiting problem.

That said. I think the problem still centers on the coaching staff. It's their job to recruit right? It's also their job to prepare the team.

zbeav said...

Your post is spot on.

First of all, Langsdorf I believe, is mostly too blame for a great deal of Oregon State's problems. If you consistently go 3 and out the D is going to be tired. The play calling from Langs is predictable and unimaginative. He needs to go. I think that Mike Leach would be the ideal hire for OC if not for HC.

On the other side of the ball, Mark Bankers 4-3 defense has proven time and time again that it can't defend against the spread and a mobile QB. He refuses to realize that the spread is the new trend in college football and not every team is running the boring old pro-style offense. His defense is good against pro-style teams and I believe that it's going to help against the Badgers next week.

Another gripe: Why do our corners continue to not turn around and make a play on the ball. The way that our DB's play is terrible. I know that Banker teaches them to do that and I continue to wonder why that is.

I think that it's time for Riley to leave this program. I am extremely appreciative of what he has done for the program, but I don't understand why everyone praises him like he's Nick Saban. I hate the whole "aw shucks" mentality.

I want Mike Leach as head coach, and I believe that it's a realistic hire. He just wrote his book and has been laying low after the scandal. It would be easy to pay him a bit for coming and then giving him more after he consistently wins, which I believe he will.

This program is a lost cause though. Bobby D, Riley, Langs, and Banker all are in bed together and they won't stop the mass fornication unless someone steps in.

Sorry for the rant and love the blog. I was at the game yesterday so I needed a place to vent hehe.

Webmaster said...

I created this blog to cure my own need to vent, feel free anytime.

Your points on the OSU problem are correct. Sadly, we are going to have to endure a pretty brutal season. OSU's administration won't make a change during the season unless OSU is 1-9, then maybe. 0-12 definitely. Leach may be available, maybe not. Riley just signed a contract extension last year I believe. It will be expensive to get rid of him.

The OSU Db's have the worst technique in the Pac-12, again without a coaching change nothing will change. It's weird that as fans, we can see the same deficiency year after year, but the coaches don't.

2 days after the game and I am still pissed. It's going to take a long time to get over this loss. Beating Wisconsin would help.....

zbeav said...

Do you know how much it would cost to bring in a new OC and DC? If we would rather keep our image of the great stand-up football program then leave Riley as head coach and get some new coordinators in.

I've been wondering how realistic it is for Bobby D and or President Ray to fire Langsdork and Banker.

If this doesn't happen we will stay in what I call "The OSU Cycle". We will continue to schedule and lose big games in Sept. to ranked opponents. We will then have a mediocre season and fans will still praise Riley for at least winning a few games.

We will then take the money from being embarrassed on national TV and use it to pay for our amazing coordinators and out beloved head coach.

I believe that if/when the Pac-16 happens that OSU could potentially be moved to the WAC to make room for the new talent from the Big-12.

I'm on another rant hehe, please continue to post man, love the blog. Tell me what you think of the idea of firing just the coordinators and keep Riley.

Webmaster said...

Thank you! Riley is the key decision maker for firing coordinators. It's not a monetary decision by the administration. Riley is given a budget to pay for coaches every year, it is what it is. Unfortunately I don't think this going happen during the season.

I think there is a weird cycle of subservience at OSU which never stops to annoy me. For example, I thought after a few winning seasons OSU wouldn't need to schedule a top 10 opponent early in the season. The cash payout didn't match the risk of a loss, yet De Carolis continued to create high risk opponents. OSU doesn't need to take risks, it needs to win consistently and recruit like a machine.

Even with the high scheduling, the Beavers were respectable. Last year, and this year, make the Beavers look like a south sliding franchise.

Net, net it's all about the $$$. This program is underfunded, and expectations are not high enough. The OSU alumni capital base is weak compared to other Pac-12 schools. If a major donor threatens to pull funding unless Riley is removed, it won't happen.