Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brandon Browner resurfaces

I was watching the SF Niners vs Seattle Seahawks game this afternoon and I saw a pleasant surprise on TV. I didn't catch his name until he was called on a lame roughing the kicker penalty, but it caught my attention. His current # is 39.

It was Brandon Browner, who left OSU after his Soph year. This year he has finally made a NFL team- the Seahawks. Congrats to him for such amazing perseverance. He has been bidding time in the CFL, this year seems to be it. I hope he sticks. 

Also, Quizz Rogers made the Atlanta Falcons squad. Congrats to him, he was probably right in leaving the OSU program when he did. 

Can you imagine Quizz at OSU now? 

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