Friday, September 09, 2011

What is up with the black uniforms ASU?

If anyone else is watching the Mizzu vs ASU game, did you get a load of ASU's uniforms? Really? 

This is getting ridiculous. Every team that has a hint of black is changing their uniforms to ALL black. This is a stupid trend. Has anyone seen the Green Bay Packers uniforms lately? Or Boise State? Really?

Oregon State's colors are black and orange. All black or all orange or a mix makes sense. 

I am sorry, but ASU's colors are not black. Erickson is trying to emulate OSU, since that is the last place he was successful at I guess.

*if I am using the term "really" too much, I am sorry this world is full of donkeys that never cease to surprise me.

PS- ASU is up 16-10 at halftime- maybe it's the uni's......

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