Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Real Deal about OSU's Bowl Situation

It's been a long week. Having to hear how Mike Bellotti voted his sorry team ahead of OSU in the coaches poll was hard enough. That guy is a straight up a**hole. I hope we kick their asses for the next decade.

Message to Mike- watch the vid below you F**kin scrub:

But worse, I've had to read about all the bull***t about the Beaver's either getting screwed or not getting screwed on the bowl selection. It's overwhelming.

Here's is the bottomline regarding OSU getting screwed:

USC (10-2): vs. Illnois (9-3) in the Rose Bowl. Payout = $17 million.
Arizona State (10-2): vs. Texas (9-3) in the Holiday Bowl. Payout = $2.2 million.
Oregon State (8-4): vs. Maryland (6-6) in the Emerald Bowl. Payout = $750,000
Oregon (8-4): vs. South Florida (9-3) in the Sun Bowl. Payout = $1.9 million
UCLA (6-6): vs. Brigham Young (10-2) in the Las Vegas Bowl. Payout = $1 million
California (6-6): vs. Air Force (9-3) in the Armed Forces Bowl. Payout = $750,000

If you can't do math, OSU lost $1.15M dollars by not getting selected to the Sun Bowl, even though OSU was #3 in the conference.

Let me state this again, $1,150,000.00.

Do you really think the OSU administration gives a rats ass how many OSU folks attend the game? Hell no. It's not about ticket sales. That is a drop in the bucket. $1.15M is not chump change.

Yes, OSU got screwed.

Always follow the money.....the truth is waiting.....

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