Sunday, December 02, 2007

Post Game Reactions

Riley and team broke the home team streak!!! Awesome. #3 in the Pac-10 is incredible given what he had to work with. It is amazing how close this team was to finishing 10-2 vs. 8-4. ASU and UCLA will haunt this team in a good way. OSU is the best 8-4 team in the nation if that means anything. I think it does. I think Riley has won me over for good. I think he has also built a program. A real college football machine capable of anything it imagines.

I want to start this post by apologizing for saying Lyle Moevao is not a Pac-10 QB. He is, and he deserves respect for what he accomplished. He improved tremendously this year. Winning the Civil War is huge. But he is not the QB I see taking OSU to a BCS bowl anytime soon.

Second, I want to apologize for saying Matt Sieverson was not on par with Clinton Polk. Matt played a great game. He was superb. He played with heart and showed the Ducks the back of his jersey all night.

Rogers was sensational. What a freshman season. Game winning TD in the Civil War.

Polk had one of the best TD runs I've seen in awhile too. Great job by the RB's.

OSU's offensive line was the real Offensive MVP. They are absolute studs. No sacks and 214 yds rushing. Are you kidding me? That is outstanding.

OSU's defense played great, except for a couple breakdowns. We gave up 195 yards rushing, which is way off our average. That said OSU's D was unreal when it needed to be. They are an awesome bunch.

Derrick Doggett is a freak. 18 tackles and a INT for TD(2nd time in a Civil War game). He won't last past the 2nd round of the NFL draft. He is a stud.

I am reading reports that Oregon's locker room comments after the game were about excuses, while the Beavers locker room comments were about heart and character. Bellotti is denying that he lost the game, literally and figuratively. He did. Now he's making excuses. What a pussy.

Now on to the Emerald Bowl in SF! My hometown.

OSU will be playing Maryland. Maryland ended the regular season tied for fifth in the Atlantic Division of the ACC and 6-6 overall with notable victories over then No. 8 Boston College and then No. 10 Rutgers.

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